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The Dragon family is taking over…

Will you join us?

Witness the take over: 

DRAGONRIDERS have been turning heads wherever they ride… 


While blazing through the streets of countless cities across the world it has left people wondering…


…With tens or even hundreds of people asking:

''Where did you buy that jacket?!''

Grabbing their attention tightly and leaving them curious for hours, 


Wondering in their minds what it truly means to be a ‘’dragon’’ 


And before you know it… 


They’ll be rushing to join our growing community of riders. 


But why?

Because the dragon family is more than just material…

We are one community looking to brighten the world with positivity. 


Chasing constant adventure through our rides, 


And uniting through our shared passion for complicated engines,          


Lightning fast speeds, 


and the sheer beauty of motorcycles overall.

Who else is a part of the dragon family?!

The real question is who isn’t a part of the dragon family? 


With our community expanding over dozens of countries… 


Going even a month without seeing a fellow rider will be hard.


How can I join the movement?

When you are ready to join a family of… 


Passionate riders around the whole globe, 


Spreading positivity and motivation throughout the whole motorcycle community,


And grabbing everyone’s attention with ease…


Press the button below and join the family.

This action will add the safety jacket to your cart for 999 AED 
           Colour choice will be available on the next page 

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